Business Package Insurance

Every business regardless of industry faces the probability of potential accidents occurring on your business premise, sustain loss of or damage to your property, death or injury to your employees and even claims from external parties.

Office Package Insurance

Safeguard your office with specially designed policies that combines a comprehensive and affordable package of insurance covers.

Café or Coffee Shop Package


If you are the owner of a Food and Beverage establishment, this package would definitely be the right one to look at. Potential accidents on your premises will surely interrupt your operations and it’s no secret that it can seriously affect your business’s cash flow. Minimize that risk today!

Clinic Business Package

The clinic business package is particularly catered to professionals such as doctors and dentists. Protect yourself from any situations that may result in financial losses and thus, bring to the minimal any form of interruption to your practice.

Group Employee Medical Benefits

“Our people are our greatest assets” – many successful business owners often say. Provide your employees with the necessary care and protection today!

Group Medical Insurance

This covers your employees for hospitalization, surgical costs and the option to add on outpatient GP and specialist coverage. Employees can also claim for alternative treatments like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Group Dental Insurance

This covers your employees for consultation, routine cleaning as well as complicated treatments like root canal, extractions etc.

Group Term Life & Total Permanent Disability Insurance

This provides a lump sum pay out to your employees and their families should anything untoward happen to them.

Operational Risks & Project Protection

Businesses in the Freight Forwarding, Transportation, Logistics, Trading and Construction industries face higher risks than businesses of other industries in their operations and undertaking of projects. Read on to see how our vendor can mitigate the risks for you and your business.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Let us help provide a comprehensive coverage for your commercial vehicles, be it just one or an entire fleet.

Marine Cargo Insurance

This insurance covers loss or damage during the transit of your goods from one destination to another by land, air or sea. You will be reimbursed for standard losses when your cargo is damaged by rough handling, wet damage, theft, non-delivery, fire and vessel sinking.

Contractor all Risks Insurance

This policy covers the insured contract works during the course of construction against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause unless specifically excluded. The contractor is also protected against legal liability consequent upon accidental bodily injury to third parties and loss or damage to property belonging to third parties

Performance Bond Insurance

Businesses are typically required to put up a cash deposit or banker’s guarantee as part of a contractual requirement. Such businesses include landlords leasing/renting business premises, organizations to whom fees, levies and taxes are to be paid and those undertaking projects for construction, renovation, erection of plants and machinery, supply goods or services or materials, etc. Opt for a Performance Bond insurance cover as it functions as a practical and affordable coverage for your contracts and projects.

Shareholders/Partners Protection

Most businesses are made up of partners, numerous directors and shareholders that all play a part to grow the business and make business decisions. What happens next if one of your partner is no longer around?

Key Man Insurance

This insurance provides comprehensive coverage to compensate a company for its potential financial losses resulting from the demise or total and permanent disablement of an important team member. The business will receive compensation to continue operations when there are changes to a company’s key personnel due to unforeseen circumstances.

Partner’s Protection Plan

This plan ensures that the business continues and that the beneficiaries receive the fair market price for their interest in the business. For example, in the event of one business partner passing away, the shares of the deceased can be bought over by the other business partner with this protection plan in place.

Credit Risk Insurance

This insurance covers the risk of the borrower passing away and leaving behind business loan debts to the company or family. The insurance pays out to cover the debt.

Director or Management Liability Insurance

This protects your directors and management from liability exposures in their work with shareholders, employees, regulatory bodies, creditors, customers and suppliers.

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Business Package Insurance
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Business Entity Protection

As a business owner, one has to fulfil legal obligations or face possible risks of legal suits against you either by clients or third parties. Ensure that your legal duties are met and that you are well protected from potential legal liabilities.

Public Liability Insurance

This protects you against legal liability to third parties for accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage.

Work Injury Compensation Insurance

This protects you for any liability under Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) or common law to compensate your employees for death or bodily injury due to an accident in the course of employment.

Foreign Workers Medical Insurance

As an employer, it is vital to take up Foreign Worker Medical Insurance as it can help to reduce exposure to large hospital bills as well as fulfil your legal obligations.

Foreign Workers Bond Insurance

As a sub-contractor, when you are allocated “man-year entitlements” by the main contractor, you are required to put into effect an Undertaking Bond to indemnify the main contractor for expenses incurred relating to foreign workers arising from your default.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you provide professional advice or services (e.g. lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, surveyors, auditors, etc) as an individual or a company, you face possible risks of legal suits against you by your clients. This may happen in the event of alleged breach of professional duty of care or duty by reason of a negligent act, error or omission. Insure yourself or your company to safeguard yourself from compensation that may include legal costs and expenses incurred from defending a legal suit.