Business Term Loan

Our experienced and dedicated financial consultants can support you with various tools and market insights on getting the right business loans for your business. Our financial consultants can act as an intermediary between your business and financial institutions. In today’s competitive market, different banks and financial institutions have different loan structures and varying interest rates. We are familiar with these discrepancies and can best guide you in choosing the best deal in the market to address your needs.

As representatives, we provide:

  • Understanding your business needs: Our Consultants can assist you with business loans, hire purchase agreements, mortgage refinancing and commercial property loans, depending on the financing you require.
  • Risk Evaluation: We evaluate your current financial situation and give appropriate advice upon eligibility of loan
  • Unbiased Advice: There are plenty of deals from different financial institutions, we provide impartial advice on the best deal that best suit your needs.
  • Processing: We work closely with the banks and financial institutions to help speed up the application process and will constantly keep you updated regarding the status of the application.

Invoice Financing

Our experienced and dedicated consultants work with different banks to find the best invoice finance solution for your business. Invoice Financing is the process of selling your invoices to banks or other financial institutions at a discount for immediate cash. It is a great way to improve your current cash flow, especially if your clients’ next payments are more than 60 days away. As representative, we will find the best deal and rates for invoice Financing.